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Related article: the carelessness of coachniieD, stated, as was the undoubted fact, that the " unwholesome rivalry " which existed was an- swerable for the majority, and he proposed that some drastic measures should be taken against offenders, and that the public should not patronise coaches which raced ; though if that advice had been taken nearly Stromectol Online all of the fast coaches would have been on the black list. With regard to the mechanical Cheap Stromectol skill of the old coachmen, and the manner in which they manipulated their reinS; a somewhat curious story was unfolded at the inquest held on the body of William Upfold, the coachman of the Brighton and Southampton coach, a man of about thirty years' ex- perience. He met his death while driving back from South- ampton to Brighton. He had a unicorn team, and in making a by no means sharp turn about two miles before arriving at Pyecombe, ran up against the bank. " Upfold, what are you doing ? " remonstrated the box- seat passenger, who knew the coachman well. *' I pulled the wrong rein," was the reply. "Well, then, pull the right one next time," was the answer ; but scarcely were the words spoken than over went the coach ; the coachman was caught by the rail across the body, and he died. At the present day an amateur who ** pulled the wrong rein" would scarcely be tolerated on any coach at all, even on the quietest of middle grounds ; certainly not on the London ground. Running-down cases again were common enough even in the Stromectol Buy pal- miest days of coaching. The Shrewsbury ** Hirondelle " made mincemeat, near the corner of 1901.] OLD Buy Cheap Stromectol TIME COACH DRIVING. 345 the Wyle Cop, in Scabies Stromectol Shrewsbury, of a doctor^s gig which was standing opposite a house wherein he was visiting a patient. In Brighton, too, where rivalry was ripe and the forty coaches or so which ran each way daily during the summer arrived in Ivermectin Stromectol quick succession, the number of private carriages which 'were run into by the coaches v^as something extraordinary, the coachmen appearing to have no control whatever over their horses. Some, at least, of the short-distance coachmen were perhaps the worst offenders, and the Edgware Road, the Bays water Road and several of those south of the Thames were strewn with coachmen's reputa- tions. The drivers on the Green- ^ch Road had never borne very good characters, and two of them, Isaac Rawlinson and Matthew Ingram, once found themselves in Generic Stromectol trouble for colliding with the carriage and horses of the Princess of Wales in 1787. The Princess was travelling from Charlton, in Kent, to London, and when at New Cross two of the Greenwich stages were seen approaching at a gallop. The "hobby groom," otherwise outrider, George Mil- ward, who soon afterwards drove on the Gloucester road, deposed to seeing the stages racing on the wrong side of the road, and to giv- ing signals for them to cross over. The Stromectol For Scabies coachmen, however, took no notice, Order Stromectol Online not eveti to the extent of slackening their pace, and Raw- linson's leader struck the " hobby groom's" horse, which plunged, stumbled and finally threw the rider on to some sharp " pailings " whence he fell into a garden. The Princess fainted on seeing what had happened to her servant ; the lad who was riding the leaders of the Princess's carriage had his leg badly bruised by the wheel of one of the stages. The curious thing about this collision is that several of the witnesses agreed in thinking that the affair was pre- meditated and that the stages purposely ran into the royal con- veyance, as it came out in evidence that the Princess frequently met with insults on this particular road. The Duke of Gloucester on hearing of what had happened at once took up the matter, but owing to an appeal for leniency on the men pleading guilty they were let off with a small fine on giving substantial bail for future good behaviour. In justice, however, to some of the long-distance coach- Buy Stromectol Online men it should be stated that those who drove these short Online Stromectol stages were of a class very different from the men on first-class coaches both in driving ability, manner and character. It is easy to see by the list of convictions how the status of the coachman improved as time went on. In the Times for March 3rd, 1794, is an official announcement signed by the Secretary to the Post Office to the effect that com- plaints having been made to the Postmaster-General of a certain Robert Briscoe, coachman of the Manchester mail, having behaved ill to a lady passenger he was dis- missed the service, and mail-coach contractors were cautioned against giving the man employment. Nevertheless, long after this coachmen Stromectol Order were found on even Purchase Stromectol the best coaches on the best roads who were the reverse of civil, nor as a matter of fact were many of them good coachmen in any seilse Stromectol Canada of the word. In the year 1 83 1, by which time stage coach- ing was at its height, Mr. Wright, proprietor of the York *' Highflyer " coach, brought an action against Mr. Dulver, pro- prietor 01 a London and Chester coach, to recover damages for in- jury to a horse. The " Highflyer " left London at eight o'clock on a 346 baily's magazinb. [Mat rather foggy morning and at Tottenham met the Chester coach which was being driven at a rapid pace on the wrong side of the road, and as the coaches passed one another the roller bolt of the Chester coach inflicted a bad wound on the near side wheeler of the " Stromectol Scabies Highflyer," a horse said to be worth Stromectol For Lice ^25. The defendant tried to square the matter at first for j^io, then for ^15, and finally for £20, While he was laid up the horse, whose value was said to be reduced to £q through the accident, cost /15 to keep, and the veterinary surgeon's bill was £'] I OS., and the jury assessed the damages on quite Stromectol Purchase a liberal scale. In the various histories of coaches we read so much of the excellence of Stromectol Uk the coach horses that many will be surprised to learn Buy Stromectol that some of the mail coach horses were very badly treated. The author of ** Pictures of London," when speaking of the mail coaches, writes : ** The Order Stromectol wretched situation of the horses